What Can Parents Do To Ensure That Their Kid’s Start At School Is As Smooth As Possible

What Can Parents Do To Ensure That Their Kid’s Start At School Is As Smooth As Possible?

People must have observed that as the vacation days comes close to an end, the commercials on TV/radio for school uniforms and supplies suddenly increase. While the kids in these commercials might appear excited about going back to school, the same might not hold good for many kids in reality. The start of a school year after prolonged vacation is a upsetting experience for many children, particularly those in kindergarten. This stressful feeling stems from the change of routine that kids are going to experience once the school starts. Fortunately, there are some simple tactics which parents can utilize to minimize the stress associated with going back to school for kids. Most experts from kindergarten schools in Singapore suggest parents to visit the school with their kids once prior to the start of school. This will prevent kids from feeling overwhelmed on the first day of their classes. Additionally, parents should also try to meet the teachers and introduce them to the kids, so that they have a friendly face at school. In fact most schools encourage this kind of meetings, as it makes the kids comfortable when they start attending the classes. There are many such useful guides for parents of kindergarten kids available at Chiltern House Singapore. If you are looking for a good Kindergarten in Singapore, check their site now.

In this article we shall discuss, what can parents do to ensure that their kids start at school, is as smooth as possible.

Preparation for school is paramount
It is imperative that parents adjust the bedtime of their wards such that, it allows for ample time to get ready for school everyday. Getting kids accustomed to this during the vacations itself, will ensure that the kids will not experience any undue stress when the school starts. Modifying the sleep habits cannot be accomplished overnight, thus this needs to be taken care at least two weeks prior to the start of school. Additionally, parents should guide their kids as to what is expected of them during their first day at school. Taking the kids shopping for the school essentials will make them feel prepared to start going to school.

Other things which can be done
If the parents are able to get their hands on class assignments for their wards, then they could set up a playdate with another child of the same class as their wards. This exercise will ensure that both the kids involved will feel less anxiety when the school starts, as they both know someone closeby. If this is not possible, then parents can narrate stories about school to their kids or do something like that.

Starting school can be a challenging transition for some children if they are not prepared for it beforehand. But if as parents we pay attention to our child’s development we can help bridge this gap through the activities and changes to daily routine that we have discussed in this article.