Is Piano Playing Good for Your Health and Overall Well-Being?

Playing music has its own advantages. Research has shown that playing a musical instrument not only benefits the physical body but also improves the mental health of a person. Knowing how to play a musical device is a great way to build a hobby and develop more motor skills and cultural talents. One such instrument that has several benefits is the piano. Playing the piano, as mentioned earlier can improve the mental health of a person. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body and a healthy body leads to a healthy life.


Why Choose the Piano?


Music is one of the best remedy for any kind of ailment. From small distress to great depressions, music has been a great force in improving the condition and mood of a person suffering. Several musical instruments produce several effects on the body, but the piano is exceptional when it comes to benefits. Playing the piano as a musical instrument can be a lifelong uplifting experience. Here is how:

• Improvement of Body- Though we sit down to play the piano, but this itself is a physical exercise. Playing the piano requires hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it sharpens the motor skills of a person. In kids, this benefit is definite.

• Slows Adverse Effects of Aging- Research has proved that piano lessons in older adults increases the level of Human Growth Hormone. This slows the adverse effects of aging. Music controls the heart and respiratory rates and reduces anxiety, thus controlling aging.

• Improvement of Neural Connections- Playing the piano also helps in neuron transmission and processing information in the brain. A study performed by Northwestern University revealed that while playing the piano, neurons in the brain of the player were extremely active. Playing piano is one of the key to high brain power.

• Language Development skills- Children learning piano lesson at their young age have extra advantage of learning different languages and increasing their vocabulary. A research conducted by the San Raffaele University in Milan, Spain found that children below the age of 7 learning piano have much larger vocabulary. Any adult with similar training when they were child proved the same.

• No Stress, no mess- As much as we may not want to admit it, but children too have stress. Playing piano allows them to focus on the technicality of playing the device and the music. As the concentration is diverted, the stress is too. Moreover, music itself has a healing property. The sweet melodious tunes of the piano calm the nerve and reduces stress in both young and old.

• Increase Aural Awareness- Several people do not understand the beats and chords of music. They like music but do not understand the how and where of the beats. Playing the piano can help in such situation. When you understand the basic chords of piano, it becomes easy to understand much complex chords and beats of any form of music.

• Increase in Brain Sharpness- Regular music practice from an early age aids in making structural changes to the brain sometimes. These structural changes stay for a long time, making the brain more functional and effective.


Gateway to Lifelong Health

A healthy body and a healthy mind is what we all desire for our children. In children achieving this for a long term is not a hard task. Enroll your child to any piano lessons Singapore or wherever you are located. Within few months you will notice a major change in the brain power of your child. The anxiety level will decrease, vocabulary will increase, cognitive behavior of the body will improve and the child will have better capability to concentrate. So why not give it a try?


Hello! I am a trained facilitator that uses team bonding games to teach children and adults about teamwork, cooperation and harmony. Over the years, I have learnt a few tricks about teaching and education, using this platform, I hoped to inspire and helped parents and educators who are looking for some tips on working with children. Hope you enjoy!