How to choose the right guitar coaching centre?

Music is food for the soul and you need the right direction to be inspired to awaken the artist in you.

There may be a lot of information on the internet, right and wrong.

That is when you need guidance to be thoroughly taught right from wrong and develop your own style.

Making music is about connecting with your inner self and playing from your heart. There are a few things that could be pivotal in choosing the right place to study at.

At Ossia Music School, we are all over Singapore at multiple locations. Each one of our branches is equipped with modern facilities and the best of instructors. You could embark on your musical journey with guitar class Singapore at one of our many locations. To find out more, visit our website here.

Now we will discuss the various factors that determine whether your coaching centre is suitable.


Well-structured programs that is designed to suit your needs.

Lessons that are taught to not just learn the music but also to create your own.

These programs let your creativity take wings to develop your own personal style.

The lessons begin with introducing you to the basics of playing and knowing your guitar to mastering various strumming patterns and finger plucking.

With every lesson you will be completing milestones that will encourage you to get better than you were yesterday.

Performing to a crowd would be the ultimate high with your talent being showcased.

Based on your choice and convenience, you can either opt for private lessons or group lessons.

Choice of Instruments

There are plenty of options when it comes to guitars- Classical, Acoustic, Bass and Electrical. Picking the right instrument is vital. The genre of music you want to play- Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop.

The options are plenty. If you are looking to strum to a country song or play some Jazz or croon to your tunes, you could pick the Acoustic or the Classical guitar. The Classical guitar gives you a sweeter and calmer sound, whereas the Acoustic guitar has a deeper tone to its sound.

Or are you looking at becoming the next Slash with his perfect solos on an Electric guitar? Each of the programs and the instrument that you choose will come with extensive and in depth learning of styles.


It is imperative that you have the best of learning and that you have the best teaching it to you-Sharing their passion, imparting their years of knowledge. Teachers who will help you lay a strong foundation of music and help you grow with every mistake that you may make. Nurturing you and helping you be happy strumming your tune.

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