How activities help your child

How activities help your child�s development?

It has been commonly agreed by experts that not only children learn quicker through play activities but they also have a better chance of remembering what they learnt through activities. This is one of the reason why preschool education is important. Children learn the basics of language and mathematical skills in groups via a series of interesting and engaging activities at pre-schools. This not only improves their academic skills but helps in their cognitive development, social development as well as individual growth. Being outside their family circles for a little time every day also helps in instilling a sense of independence in them.

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Read on to know in what ways activities help in the growth of your child.

Measuring Things: As children play with different things like water, sand, play dough they can be taught the different states of things like water is liquid, sand is solid and so on. They can also be thought that all of these things can be measured and thus also learn the basics of measurement.

Blocks and Lego: Playing with building blocks and Lego improves a child�s concentration and develops his or her hand eye co ordination by exercising it. It also helps them in understanding different shapes, sizes and colour and helps them to identify the same.

Drawing Pictures and Colouring : With helping a child understand different shapes and colours drawing or coloring also helps enrich a child�s imagination and creativity. They learn to copy shapes and visualize different scenes or replicate what they see around them in drawing books. Children are anyway creative and imaginative and a little nudge in the right direction goes a long way in developing their imaginative faculties further.

Singing and Dancing: Singing and dancing are great ways of finding out whether a child has a hidden talent for the same. Preschools are basically for a child to understand himself or herself better including the talents, proper training for them ideally should happen at a later stage of life. Dancing and singing also helps them in understanding rhythms and beats and develop better co-ordination.

Music: Playing and instrument, singing or even listening to music engages a surprisingly large part of the brain. These activities develop a child�s brain by exercising it and also improve his or her memory and cognitive abilities.
Group Games : Group games teach a child all about social interactions. They learn to wait their turn, co-operate with others, work as a team and share responsibilities.