What Can Parents Do To Ensure That Their Kid’s Start At School Is As Smooth As Possible

What Can Parents Do To Ensure That Their Kid’s Start At School Is As Smooth As Possible?

People must have observed that as the vacation days comes close to an end, the commercials on TV/radio for school uniforms and supplies suddenly increase. While the kids in these commercials might appear excited about going back to school, the same might not hold good for many kids in reality. The start of a school year after prolonged vacation is a upsetting experience for many children, particularly those in kindergarten. This stressful feeling stems from the change of routine that kids are going to experience once the school starts. Fortunately, there are some simple tactics which parents can utilize to minimize the stress associated with going back to school for kids. Most experts from kindergarten schools in Singapore suggest parents to visit the school with their kids once prior to the start of school. This will prevent kids from feeling overwhelmed on the first day of their classes. Additionally, parents should also try to meet the teachers and introduce them to the kids, so that they have a friendly face at school. In fact most schools encourage this kind of meetings, as it makes the kids comfortable when they start attending the classes. There are many such useful guides for parents of kindergarten kids available at Chiltern House Singapore. If you are looking for a good Kindergarten in Singapore, check their site now.

In this article we shall discuss, what can parents do to ensure that their kids start at school, is as smooth as possible.

Preparation for school is paramount
It is imperative that parents adjust the bedtime of their wards such that, it allows for ample time to get ready for school everyday. Getting kids accustomed to this during the vacations itself, will ensure that the kids will not experience any undue stress when the school starts. Modifying the sleep habits cannot be accomplished overnight, thus this needs to be taken care at least two weeks prior to the start of school. Additionally, parents should guide their kids as to what is expected of them during their first day at school. Taking the kids shopping for the school essentials will make them feel prepared to start going to school.

Other things which can be done
If the parents are able to get their hands on class assignments for their wards, then they could set up a playdate with another child of the same class as their wards. This exercise will ensure that both the kids involved will feel less anxiety when the school starts, as they both know someone closeby. If this is not possible, then parents can narrate stories about school to their kids or do something like that.

Starting school can be a challenging transition for some children if they are not prepared for it beforehand. But if as parents we pay attention to our child’s development we can help bridge this gap through the activities and changes to daily routine that we have discussed in this article.

What Are The Benefits of Sending Your Child For Child Care?

Not everyone has the privilege of being a stay at home mom, or even if they do there are multiple different jobs that have to be done around the house that it is a blessing to be able to drop off your kid at the Childcare for a few hours and finish your chores. Childcare facilities are also very important for most households as the household may need two incomes to be financially stable. Child care centers in Singapore are also a big help to single parents who cannot hold a job and take care of their children at the same time.

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Not being able to do it all can usually is a very frustrating experience for a parent. are a blessing for these parents and they can rest assured that their child is very well taken care of at these centers. Along with peace of mind child care centers also offer the parents and children long-lasting economic, social, and academic benefits. Many studies show that children who have been going to child care centers are able to benefit from the environment its structure and also the quality of instructions and social lessons. Here are a few more details about the benefits that these children receive from child care centers.

Organized Schedule

Even as adults it is very important that we have a certain order in life and that we follow a schedule. In a child care center, even the youngest of children will have a schedule. They may not always be aware of the time on the clock but they know that they have a full day of different activities that they carry out throughout the day. These tasks are very important for the childs development. This schedule is also pleasing to the parents as they do not have to stress about the toddler’s behavior at the end of the day due to lack of schedule.

Advancement in Academics

Studies have shown that those children who had quality childcare when they were infants and toddlers show higher scores for their cognitive function and academic achievement scores. It shows that good child care centers support the cognitive growth of the child.

Peer Time

Every stay at home parent will know how important it is to schedule play dates for your child so that they learn how to interact with other children of similar ages. In a child care center children of all ages are able to spend time together and learn to cooperate and play well in a group. Additionally, they also learn very important skills such as sharing, problem-solving and how to work together. This helps to develop their minds while they are still growing and their personality is still forming.

Adult Interaction

The only interaction that a child gets is with their parents and other family members. A childcare center offers a positive influence in the child’s life by having mentors and giving them the right guidance that they need.

Better Transition to Kindergarten

The most common problem that most children face when they go to kindergarten is to be away from their parents while also getting used to a formal educational program. Sending your child to child care helps them to adapt to spending time away from their parents and then when they go to kindergarten they are able to transition into a formal educational environment better.

Social Benefits for Parents

Sending the child to a child care centre not only benefits the children but benefits the parents as well. They are able to meet other parents who have children of the same age and discuss different problems that they may have.

The Advantages Of Using Queue Management Software

The day to day running of any business can be quite hectic. That is why it is essential to make use of any resources that can help you to improve the productivity of your business. Using queue management software is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your organization. There are several other reasons why using this program is advantageous to your business.

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You will improve customer satisfaction levels. This is because customers will appreciate the effort you have put in to ensure that their needs are attended to without them being subjected to a lot of frustration. Having an orderly manner of serving customers allows your clients to be more patient while waiting their turn to be served.

You will be able to apply your business policies. This is by ensuring that appointments and schedules are adhered to. This will minimize the number of conflicts in the business, as both the staff members and clients will know what to expect from each other. This will prevent clients from harassing the management and also reduce chances of employees favoring some clients over others by prioritizing their needs over the needs of other clients.

Customer cases will be properly handled as there will be fewer instances of customers being passed on from one staff member to another one. It will also mean less waiting time for clients, since all clients are served on a first come, first served basis. This means that anyone who wants to be served early just has to arrive at the business premises early, so as to be attended to as soon as possible.

You will increase customer loyalty. Since clients will be pleased by how you handle issues, they are more likely to come back to your store. This will see customers spending more money in your store, as they are likely to purchase more items since they are guaranteed of having a good customer experience. This will help to boost your business revenue.

You can be able to get a customized program that will work for you regardless of which industry you are in. This will ensure that the program meets your needs. This will help you to give your clients a personalized experience.

You will increase the efficiency of your staff. By the data generated from the system, you can determine how many staff members are required to effectively manage and serve your customers. This will help you deploy enough personnel and avoid appointing too many staff members or too few staff members to manage your customers.

How to Make Your Kid Ready for Pre-School

How to Make Your Kid Ready for Pre-School?

When you are a baby, the idea of a school can be a scary one. Imagine being alone in the school with a bunch of strangers when all your life you have stuck close to one or both of your parents. So, what can you do as a parent to lessen the fears of your kid and make him or her comfortable with the idea of school as a place to have fun and learn? How can you help your kid without being too strict about it? Let’s try to find the right answers here.

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The first thing you can do to make your child feel comfortable is to start talking about pre-school from an early age so that it doesn’t come as a shock to the little one that he or she has to attend school one day. To make the kid aware of how he or she will be treated at school, you can take help from this extract by zerotothree.org as it will make your child comfortable with the idea of school.

Take turns being the parent, child, and teacher. Act out common daily routines, such as saying good-bye to mommy and/or daddy, taking off your coat, singing songs, reading stories, having Circle Time, playing outside, and taking naps. Reassure your child that preschool is a good place where she will have fun and learn. Answer her questions patiently. This helps children feel more in control which reduces their anxiety… Read More

When your kid already has a set schedule and have proper time for everything like when to have meals, when to study, when to sleep and when to play, it would add structure to his or her life. This structure will help the kid to adjust easily to the new school environment from the first day because not only your kid, but all the kids in a preschool would be asked to live according to a structured routine. Maintaining a routine would also help the kid to grow up to be a responsible person.

At this point, you might be unsure of what preschool to send your child to. If you are serious about giving your child a headstart not just academically but also in social skills, Chiltern House Preschool is definitely the preschool to send your child to.

Eliminate Fears

Another thing you can do to help your child get familiar with the idea of pre-school is to talk out his or her fears. Yes, like adults, kids also have apprehensions about new things, and they often fear to express their doubts aloud for fear of being made fun of. You should answer your kids’ queries as patiently as possible and alleviate all the fears as soon as they crop up. This piece by kidshealth.org says it all very effectively.

Spend time talking with your child about preschool even before it starts. Before the first day, gradually introduce your child to activities that often take place in a classroom. A child accustomed to scribbling with paper and crayons at home, for example, will find it comforting to discover the same crayons and paper in his or her preschool classroom…Read More

As a parent, you can also stay prepared in advance and teach your kid about alphabets, recognizing body parts, names of animals, colors, etc. It will ensure that the kid has the basics nailed in before the school life even begins. You are also free to buy some coursebooks in advance so that the kid gets to know that the books are his or her responsibility and takes them everywhere, be it a play date with a friend or a car ride with a parent.

Offer Comfort

Even if you have tried both the strategies, your kid might still have fears regarding going alone to a strange place especially without a parent. To make things easier for the kid, one thing you can do is to let the kid take his or her favorite toy or a comfort object with him or her. This method is also suggested by whattoexpect.com. It might help the kid to feel more comfortable, and it might act as an object that the kid can talk about to his or her classmates or new friends.

If the preschool allows it, let your child bring along his favorite stuffed animal (or blanket, or whatever object does the trick) so the new setting doesn’t feel so scary. And once your teddy-toting tot feels comfortable with his surroundings, he’ll let go of his lovey — or at least leave it in his cubby when he plays… Read More

When your kid has something that he or she is emotionally attached to, the kid will use it as a support system until he or she makes new friends or feels comfortable in a new environment. In case your kid wants to take his teddy or pillow with him or her for a few days, you must allow it. Don’t take away the emotional support offered by the object until your kid feels that he or she can deal with the new environment without it. Snatching it away forcefully might harm the emotional well-being of the kid.

We are sure that if you follow these suggestions, it might help the kid to feel more at home at a new place. Try them all and let us know which strategy worked the best for you. After all, we can all learn from one another and help our kids in the best possible manner, won’t you agree?

How activities help your child

How activities help your child�s development?

It has been commonly agreed by experts that not only children learn quicker through play activities but they also have a better chance of remembering what they learnt through activities. This is one of the reason why preschool education is important. Children learn the basics of language and mathematical skills in groups via a series of interesting and engaging activities at pre-schools. This not only improves their academic skills but helps in their cognitive development, social development as well as individual growth. Being outside their family circles for a little time every day also helps in instilling a sense of independence in them.

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Read on to know in what ways activities help in the growth of your child.

Measuring Things: As children play with different things like water, sand, play dough they can be taught the different states of things like water is liquid, sand is solid and so on. They can also be thought that all of these things can be measured and thus also learn the basics of measurement.

Blocks and Lego: Playing with building blocks and Lego improves a child�s concentration and develops his or her hand eye co ordination by exercising it. It also helps them in understanding different shapes, sizes and colour and helps them to identify the same.

Drawing Pictures and Colouring : With helping a child understand different shapes and colours drawing or coloring also helps enrich a child�s imagination and creativity. They learn to copy shapes and visualize different scenes or replicate what they see around them in drawing books. Children are anyway creative and imaginative and a little nudge in the right direction goes a long way in developing their imaginative faculties further.

Singing and Dancing: Singing and dancing are great ways of finding out whether a child has a hidden talent for the same. Preschools are basically for a child to understand himself or herself better including the talents, proper training for them ideally should happen at a later stage of life. Dancing and singing also helps them in understanding rhythms and beats and develop better co-ordination.

Music: Playing and instrument, singing or even listening to music engages a surprisingly large part of the brain. These activities develop a child�s brain by exercising it and also improve his or her memory and cognitive abilities.
Group Games : Group games teach a child all about social interactions. They learn to wait their turn, co-operate with others, work as a team and share responsibilities.

Different types of child care services available in Singapore

Are you planning to consider a Child care services in Singapore for your kid? There are several options available for every parent. All you need to do is to select the one that best suits your requirements. However, it is important to note the type of child care in which you child can develop effectively. Considering a child care for your child can be done due to several reasons. These may include that you need some time for your tasks or care for other kids. It is also essential for the better development of your kids as they will be engaged in several learning activities that will boost up their intelligence levels.

Types of child care:

There are different kinds of Child care in Singapore centers that provide care to your children in different ways. All these types have their own important points. The decision can be made on the basis of their specialties. Here are the major types of Child care in Singapore:

In house care provider:

The first type of Child care in Singapore you can get for your kid is in the form of nanny or an in house care provider. The best thing about selecting this type is that the nanny will involve emotionally with the kid and will be able to spend multiple hours. They, at the same time, will work on the teaching and education of the children. If you are planning to consider this option, you dont have to rush every morning to a day care center to drop your kid. Instead, the nanny will be there and your kid doesnt have to go to some other place.

Day care center:

The next option for Child care in Singapore is the day care center for the kids. It is a place where there are several kids who get involved in various activities. These activities can be learning based or playing based only. However, all of these kids are cared by some professionals of the day care. As a result, they spend time with their fellow kids in a safe and secure environment. One of the best things about day care is that it provides parents with the opportunities to leave their kid in an educational environment where their kids will develop in an effective way.

Day care center provides a lot of opportunities to the kids so that they can socialize with other individuals as well. As a result, kids learn to communicate in an effective way with the kids and other adults. This socialization allows them to learn a lot of new things and concepts that will benefit them in their later life.

Family day care:

Another option of Child care in Singapore is the family day care. It is quite different from other types of the child care option. A family day care is a place where your kid will have to live with a certain family. Care is provided to the kid by the head of the family and the kids will spend some time with the whole family. This can be done with a family who lives in the neighborhood. It is best to select a family who has few kids. In this way, your child will be able to develop social skills. Also, by considering a Child care in Singapore the transition to school or to some formal Institute will become easier.

These are the major types of Child care in Singapore you can consider for your kid. Dont forget to analyze all the needs of your kids before you finalize your decision.

A Strong Relationship Between Teacher and Child Paves the Way for Better Learning

Not every child enjoys nursery school in Singapore unless s/he has a kind and understanding teacher. Research has proven that everyone responds well to an authoritative figure who does not rule with an iron hand. Getting children to comprehend the basics in the formative years takes immense patience and grit by the teaching staff. Once this is out of the way, kids respond favorably to the soft voice of the person aside from her or his parent.

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Let us look at how literacy improves because of a strong relationship between the teacher and child.

Student-Centered Approach

Keeping students engaged in the classroom is one of the basics of the educational system. Instead of calling out the name of a particular student from the class, interaction gets them geared to learn the subject. This is such a great way, especially because it does not put the student in a spot if s/he does not have the answer to the question. Promoting class and team building skills early is extremely useful for cooperative learning and implementation of literacy skills for student and teacher.

An Open Methodology of Teaching

Teaching a series of subjects provides a deeper sense of learning and skill development. Blending science, arithmetic, reading, recitation, writing, counting and social science is not always the best bet for the child. By providing a series of challenges through projects, kids learn how to think and digest informative content outside the box. In doing so, they are also guided to assimilate the problems in the real world and find workable solutions in a simple manner through them. Uncovering information through a variety of ways makes the journey of learning fun instead of mundane. What really works in this format is that the old school of rote and structured learning goes out the door for something new and motivational for the nursery child.

Inculcating a love for Technology

Kids today are quite smart given the fact that they are used to touchscreen technology. Right from the use of the remote for the television set, to communicating on Smartphones, kids seem to get it right. Since they are born at the time of the internet, the time to make them more tech-savvy has arrived. By speaking the language to kids and tapping into their interests enables meaningful reflection of the subject being taught at the present juncture. Introducing tools that enrich learning opportunities for the child makes them ready for the bigger stages as they graduate to the higher classes in school.

Finding a Purpose

In the very early years of childhood learning, the teacher has to set a very simple method to ensure that the goals of the project are met with lan. One great way is to encourage kids to take ownership of their learning abilities and project their skills without being too heavy-duty about the program. Goal charts are a great idea as they help the child better her/himself along the way by being naturally competitive. The idea is not to drive a wedge between students but to create a form of camaraderie during the classroom session.

The stronger the relationship between the teacher and the student, there is bound to be a win-win in the formative years and down the line. the nursery school in Singapore provides multiple options for children to do while they learn and play during their time spent away from home. The formative years are what build character in the child. Based on the education that s/he gets in school, the child will grow happy or unhappy. The best advice for parents is to find the right place that nurtures, helps build literacy with a holistic approach towards life for children, period.